Fast fact: Manufacturers around the globe rely on the quality of ISW.
You’ll find out carbon steel spring wire at work in refrigerators for the appliance industry, retractable pens, automotive design and thousands of other critical roles every day.

Count on ISW for Carbon Steel Spring Wire:

  • Bright Hard Drawn – ASTM A-227 Class 1 and 2.  ASTM A-679 Class 3
    • Diameter range .0060-.5000”
  • Galvanized Hard Drawn – ASTM A-764
    • Diameter range .0470-.3750″
  • Oil Tempered – ASTM A-229 Class 1 and 2
    • Diameter range .0080-.6300”
  • Square Oil Tempered – MIL – W- 21425-B
    • Diameter range: inquiry only
  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon – ASTM A-401 (Commercial Quality) ASTM A-877 (Valve Quality)
    • Diameter range .0180-.6250”
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