The Squeeze Raw Material Exchange

Welcome to ISW’s Material Exchange For Wire

Does slow moving inventory have your business in a squeeze? With a negative impact on profit margin and business performance, excess inventory can be a real headache! While this inventory was intended to grow sales, these slow moving products are an unwelcome cost to any business. Even with the best inventory management, there’s no guarantee a business won’t end up with excess or slow moving inventory.

If you find yourself with slow moving inventory, ISW is here to help! With a vast  network of wire consuming companies, we can help connect you with a business who can benefit from your overstock position.

ISW is pleased to provide this free service that allows customers to access these opportunities- all at no cost to the buyer or seller!

To List Your Slow Moving Inventory:

Simply send your list of excess material to Your listing will be posted in the above exchange, which is updated on a weekly basis. You can choose to remain anonymous or include your own contact information.

To Purchase Material Listed on the Exchange

If you are interested in purchasing material listed on ISW’s Raw Material Exchange for Wire, simply reach out to the ISW representative who manages the listing, and they will provide the company and contact details associated with the listing. The buyer and seller can arrange a private sale from there. Again, all for no charge from ISW!

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has Wire to Keep Your Business Moving Forward®

Buy or Sell Excess Wire Inventory on "The Squeeze" - ISW's Raw Material Exchange