Music wire, also known as piano wire or spring wire, is a type of high-carbon steel wire that is known for its high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, and ability to withstand repeated bending without breaking. Music wire has several properties that make it ideal for a variety of applications. These properties include:
  • High tensile strength: it is very high tensile strength, which means that it can withstand a lot of force before breaking.
  • Fatigue resistance: it is resistant to fatigue, which means that it can withstand repeated bending without breaking.
  • Good elasticity: it is elastic, which means that it can return to its original shape after being stretched or bent.
It is commonly used in a variety of applications, including:
  • Piano strings: Music wire is the most common type of wire used for piano strings due to its ability to produce a clear, consistent tone and withstand the high tension required for piano tuning.
  • Springs: Music wire is a popular choice for springs because of its high tensile strength and fatigue resistance. It is used in a wide variety of springs, including compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs.
  • Wire forms: Music wire is used to make a variety of wire forms, such as hooks, clips, and fasteners. These wire forms are often used in industrial and manufacturing applications.
  • Other applications: This type of wire is also used in a variety of other applications, including fishing lures, surgical tools, and special effects in the movie industry.
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  • Phosphate Coated – ASTM-A-228 Type 1 and 2
    • Diameter range .0040-.4920”
  • Galvanized Music – ASTM-A-228
    • Diameter range .0060-.3120”
  • Tinned or Cadmium Plated – ASTM-A-228
Music Wire from ISW
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